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Default Re: Motor Squealing

That shaft will all come apart, you will have to drive out a small pin then unscrew it all, then chase the threads. I tried to tell you to drive it out with a plastic hammer, so you would not damage the threads, or drive it out from the the other side and not even beat on the clutch sides threads, but it all can be chased with the proper metric die. Those bearing are a common bearing, I couldn't remember the numbers, and I'd misplaced the info on the numbers, it looks like you got the job done, I'd replace the bearings even if you think they are good, cheap insurance. be a little more careful with the hammer, and use plastic or brass even wood to hit the surfaces, better is to press it all back if you can . But you did get her done.
Joe might be right, my gears whine like **** at certain speeds
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