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Default 4-stroke Honda or Harbor Freight in FELT 1903-Questions; Anyone done it?

I just found a Felt 1903 locally yesterday in Austin,.....left out in the weather, tires yellowed, chrome is lightly rusty, stripped bolt at Coaster brake and flat tire.....had to drill out the screw for the coaster brake to get it apart.

I want to install a 4 stroke in the frame and will convert the top tube to a fuel tank......

Has anyone installed either a Honda or Harbor Freight 4 stroke in to a Felt Cruiser frame?

1-Any suggestions for a mounting cradle/plate?

2-Suggestions for drive train? (Belts drive would be nice,...but....I'm thinking that it will be a problem.)

3-I'm guessing I will need the wider pedal crank set to get around this wide(r) engine when I want or need to pedal-comments on this?

4-Any thoughts on whether the Sick Bike Parts Gear changer jackshaft and front crank freewheel set up would work with a 4-stroke? anyone done that....they only show 2 stroke engines on their web page.

5-how about exhaust for one of these engines....I would like a long pipe with the exhaust out by the rear axle.

Brian in Austin
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