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Default Re: Ask a specific question

ok this question may already be in this thread or on this forum somewhere but got up to page 11 in this thread and didn't see it and you all are talking over my head right now... little info - i am a female and have no clue about motors but do tend to want quality and something that is gonna last a long time (4runner is now 17 years old and even though it is just starting to get signs that it is on its way to becoming a 'fred flinstone mobile" motor still runs like new lol).. so how do you know what kind of bicycle engine to buy - are there comparison reports somewhere that break it all down for you and/or does it really matter?

also i have a combination on road - off road bike that i am thinking about maybe converting so do engines come already put together, and if not, then am assuming they do come with instructions so are they easy to figure out?
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