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Default Re: An install Kit for the Schwinn Jaguar

MB Wars Episode III Revenge of the Motor Mount....

As dark days encompass the motorized bicycle republic the evil HT factories believe they have these silly

americans whipped but little did they know there was still hope....

After a short medical break we find our favorite monkey once again wondering around the kit

parts and tools. Zoinks i think he has an idea.... lets get the motor mount on and the

sprocket adapter with the sprocket on tonight.

I broke out the parts and tools once again and decided to put on th emotor mount. I took the

mount apart and using the front clam shell i found the sweet spot in the frame both pieces

aligned just right. I picked up the long mount piece with the 2 alllen bolts and attached

them to the front clam. I then placed in the rear clam and attached it to the mount. the

mount as designed is not horizontal the rear is slightly tiled up to make the motor flat

when mounted.

I then took the rear wheel off the bike by first loosening the break cable and then removing

the 2 14mm acorn nuts from the outside of the rear axle. I loosened the chain and removed

the back wheel. I then inserted the 2 bolt side of the clam shell and moved it around the

hub until it fit properly there is only one correct position and you do not need to force

it. I then added the single side on th e opposite side and bolted them together with the

included bolts. I tightened them until snug but not tight as I will want to adjust the

position on the hub for chain alignment.

Finally i added the Manic Mechanic 42tooth sprocket supplied with the kit. i removed the

mounting bolts from the hub adapter placed the sprocket over the hub lined up the bolt holes

and reinserted the bolts and tightened them down. these can be tight as i will not need to

adjust them later. Start to finish was 30 min on the project. By far the easiest sprocket i

have ever mounted. Bulletproof is what I would call it.

The saga to be continued.
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