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Default Re: Creative Engineering Turnaround Time

Originally Posted by Retmachinist View Post
Wow Ron, That is really a good deal. I remember way back, when I bought my first set of Digital calipers. They were finally down to around $120.00 so I bought them. It also gave me a little more time before I had to get glasses since I was having a hard time reading my Vernier Calipers.

Hi John,

I bought a mitutoyo digical from MSC in 89', it was right at $200.00. I still use it everyday!

About a year ago I bought a 4" dial caliper from Harbor Freight for $8.00. Believe it or not it has a really nice action, and repeats like a quality piece.

I also bought a 12" digital from harbor freight, but it eats batteries even when it's off!!! Have you guys noticed the same problem? I change the battery in my Mitutoyo every 2-3 years, and I almost never turn it off!

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