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Default Re: Creative Engineering Turnaround Time

Originally Posted by MyrmidonJuan View Post
That is confidence inspiring. Thanks Jim! I can't wait for that motor mount to be released. Do we have an approximation of what they will cost us?
I've had a lot of emails and phone calls about the engine mount. It works really well!!! This is a work in progress though, and until a universal design is finalized I will have no additional info to offer regarding the engine mount.

I will be making several hundred engine mounts before I release any more information about this product. The Sprocket adapters & Sprockets taught me a lesson! I made 250 Clutch Actuator kits prior to advertising them. Pack & Go is a wonderfull thing to keep customers happy.

The engine sprockets are not even close to the correct geometry for use with a roller chain. I have sourced the correct tapered reamer for the sprocket bore, and I will be offering these in steel. No more binding...popping, and snapping!!!

I've got a really cool design for a dual pull/dual action brake lever...It will be standard issue for all MB's

The design ideas don't stop! I can go hard at it for 12 hours...then I'm done! I'll have inventory on all these items, one product at a time.


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