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Default Re: tire tread??

I went to the auto parts store to buy some sealer for the cover before i took the engine apart. On the way back i climbed not the giant hill just a normal but fairly steep incline and the bike did fine. I'm gonna wait till it gets worse.

Then when i do, I'm going to write clutch adjustment for dummies. I'm just not smart enough to understand Norman's directions. I'm sure it isn't as complicated as it looks on his directions. At least I hope not. I'm to stupid to know till I get into the thing.

Also I had a feeling about that tire thing. From the minute I put the wheel on it felt like it was dragging but it spins freely when off the ground. I figured i was suffering a case of the knobbies. It also have to pedal harder to reach the same speed when starting. And that is with the clutch in.
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