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Default Zoombicycles debacle

So here's the story:

I originally ordered the limited 49cc kit from zoombicycles. A few days later I receive an email from a Guy named Andrew from zoombicycles saying there was an error on the website, and they didn't actually have any in stock when I ordered. I was going to get my money back, but then decided to spend $20 for the Jet 80cc.

The following monday the motor shipped, and got to Spokane in 3 days, which is pretty nice, accept that my lot number for my address wasn't included in the shipping info, so it didn't show up at my house. I didn't feel like waiting an extra day for the motor, so I went and picked it up myself. 10+ miles later, I have the motor.

Then, when I open the kit, I discover it isn't the motor I had requested. Wrong muffler, no slant head. Then I looked closer. It's labeled as a 68.5cc, which is the correct size, but it doesn't actually match any kit on the site. All the 80cc motors listed have a 1.5 inch mount, yet this motor only has a 1.25 inch mount. It was also my understanding that these motors were supposed to have a metal plate with the engine info on it, but this one only has a sticker.

I seriously think this is a mislabeled or relabeled motor. I'm waiting for word back from the Andrew guy about what can be done about this. I just felt like warning everyone here, the experience has been an all around *****. And regardless of the outcome, even if I finally get the motor I was supposed to get, I do not recommend zoombicycles.

For my first experience getting a motor kit, this is terrible.

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