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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

I guess the only reason that this post is being entertained is the fact that by generalizing all of us into a group of boobs that can only dig through the manual and by chance get one of these kits going, we need to be warned! There is a simple explanation to the break down, (poor workmanship) it is simple to see. One thing I have to say is the the drive sprocket on a lot of the kits are the worst. There is the best chance that the chain got jammed up as a result of the poor fit to the chain and the sloppy build. On every one of my kits I had to put proper shape in the teeth or it would pop and snag the chain. Not everyone would have the ability to do this mod and for that there should be a warning. The teeth on the driven sprocket are correct so why not the drive? I know we will have fun, Dave
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