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Default Re: BrettMavrik's Production Bobber Frame For Builders Has Begun...

Glad you noticed that, man...
This is a Frisco Bobber design. The bike is designed to have the attitude of a chopper but the performance of a racer like they did to the old Triumphs back in the day. Hence, it is really a Bobber, and not a Chopper. Choppers came from the school of "how wild can I get and still go down the road without killing myself" appeal. It made for bikes that were inherently dangerous. If you notice the motorcycle chopper world that is going on now in the magazines, you will see there has been a transition from Glamorific and Chromosexual Choppers that have been out the last few years. Bikes are going back to their roots as everything else in the world. In the magazines, you will notice the transition.


Also, the fork in the photos has zero additional rake. The stock Stingray Fork has 10 more degrees of additional rake which would put it about where you would like it.
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Originally Posted by Youngbird View Post
Great idea Brett....but not enough rake for my taste. Needs to be more like 47-50 degrees to make it look REALLY good. As it sits now its way too you ran it into a wall. Just my opinion....but the idea of a chopper/bike frame is a winner.
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