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Default BrettMavrik's Production Bobber Frame For Builders Has Begun...

W'zup Choppah Heads,

I am please to announce that I am almost finished with a production chopper frame that will be available very soon. It is a Frisco Bobber style in that it is long and low, with straight line tubes and nice angles. The frame results in a bike with a 5 foot wheelbase, and the rake of the fork is completely nuetral in its' handling characteristics like a BMX bike. It's all in the frame design.
This bike utilizes the parts from a donor Schwinn Stingray, so you get the super fat 4.25" rear wheel and skinny tall wheel up front, along with the wider cranks. This frame makes for a bike that is very comfortable and will fit anyone from 5'6" to 6'3".
The reason for this is the bike will not have anywhere to insert a bicycle seat post.
Instead, I have a line on a motorcycle aftermarket bobber solo seat that has a pivot and 3" long suspension springs. There is no bike seat available that will provide the comfort and support of this seat. So therefore the seat can slide up or down the top tube of the frame to get it just where you want it.
This frame is made heavy duty, fully welded, but still light weight. You can reuse the Stock Stingray front fork, but I recommend a 30" springer fork to get the full "Bobber" effect. I will be building custom springers for less in the near future.
The frames will have a core charge; meaning I will need a donor frame sent to me for the build. Well, not the whole frame.... =-]' Simply cut off the head tube, bottom bracket tube for the cranks, and the rear wheel cage. This can be done with a cutoff wheel or hacksaw. Leave me an inch of the body tubes still connected to these parts. I will smooth them off the pieces I need myself. This will save a ton on shipping. (Like $11 as opposed to $35.) Send me your pieces, and in 10-14 days I will have a new Frisco Bobber frame sent to you to begin your build by adding you own custom handlebars (drag bars, apes, or something in between) paint, etc. It's yours to customize.
The bike is so nice and stretched, you can actually add a 2.4 gallon peanut tank for a motorcycle on it. Imagine the range.....

Also, for this frame there will be a production clamshell design isolated motor mount bracket and jackshaft assembly for sale as an option. simply bolt up the engine, add the jackshaft gearing, 5 speed freewheel, a 5 speed derailer, and a grip shifter and you are ripping through the gears like on my Orange Coast Chopper. I will also add the ABS Slotted Idler Wheels to keep the chain at bay under speed.

Just thought there might be an interest in getting an adult sized, fat rear tire buildable chopper frame for people who like choppers that ride and handle awesome, or people that have been thinking about it, but didn't have much option.

Here is some photos of what I have so far.
Let's get some response as I need some feedback.

Rock On!
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My Production Bobber Build Up
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