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Default Re: Starting my own business


I posted a strategy in the Motorbicycle General Discussion that may be more targeted at
a low end business start up. It may be more in line with what you're thinking of doing.

Ya see I don't know when I answer one of these post about how much seed money a
guy is talking about plowing into his venture if it isn't stated. Some guys plow thousands
of dollars into something like this as they HAVE it to plow with.

Others work out of their hip pocket or hat trying to get started and hope things go their
way and the angles decide to sit on their sholders.

But if you're in any kind of business that's making some money the lawyers are to that
business what Anti-Virus is to your computer. Think of them like a big bottle of Listerine
you keep in the bathroom closet.......ya hate it but ya use it. If you start setting up
motorbicycles there may be "other lawyers" who represent Honda, Yamaha, etc shops
who figure you need put out of business somehow as you're a drain against the business
they work for be it Honda, Yamaha etc. I'd imagine you could see and understand this.

But if you haven't read the post in "Can Anyone Make a Living at This" in the General
Discussion area where I talk about "Shade Tree Mechanics" it may be more of the way
you want to approach a small biz start up. It's basic common sense stuff.

Good luck if you choose to try it that way.
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