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Default Re: Creative Engineering Turnaround Time

This batch is almost finished guys, and it is more than enough to satisfy all orders. They will ship this week...(everyone's order).

I got slammed with orders for these. I'm very gratefull, and you guys are going to love this product. I wasn't expecting to have to make more immediately. And yes I do make these here at the shop. I don't outsource any of my products!

Believe me I know how it is when you find a product that really solves a problem, and you want to get it in quick! I'm the same way. I've been waiting for the correct Durometer rubber mounts for my engine mount set-up for a month...all the while I get calls daily asking when it will be ready!

After this shipment, I will once again only have about 30 in inventory...I will be making another 100 ASAP.

This product will always have a slower turn-around time than the other items I sell. The adapters are made to each hub, and you have an infinite choice regarding sprocket tooth counts. In order to keep the cost down, they have to be done in batches. I can quickly change the CNC program for each size of sprocket...It's the initial set-up that is time consuming. The sprockets are a give-away. I really need to make a minimum of 30 each time the machine is set-up for sprockets. Again it doesn't have to be 30 of the same tooth count...that change is easy.

For $125.00 each, I would have no problem providing an immediate turn-around...but who would be willing to pay that much just for the benefit of knowing it was being done now!

They're comming guys...I know, so is Christmas... It is a lot of work to make these. It's good that this product has been well recieved, it means I will not have to increase the price. If I'm wrong about pricing being an important consideration...let me know. In the future, for a 50% increase, I can make these a lot faster...I leave that decision up to my potential customers.

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