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Default Re: Motor Refuses to start

Originally Posted by Mopedamauter79 View Post
That's what I thought it was. It does not look dead or fried. looks normal to me. You can't always tell just be the way they look.Just for kicks I removed the cover where the spark plug sits. I can clearly see the piston ? moving up and down. I can make it move by turning that thing beside the Magneto and it even rotates around when I left the back wheel up and pedal the bike. That's all normal, you removed the head and saw the piston going up and down.

This may seem very lame..However I and my roommate thought of a theory..Could my clutch arm be in or out to much and thus the motor is stuck in neutral sorta a speak?? The clutch can be slipping, but if you have the whole works together and pedal it and when you let out the clutch, the engine turns over making an engine sound but doesn't fire up, then the clutch is not slipping.
Have you ever run this engine?
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