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Default Re: Starting my own business

Jeez- what IS this about lawyers these days? They used to be a rare thing- now they ad on TV and have to be in our thoughts constantly-

While they seem to want the rest of us to get a job, theirs seems to be to get a piece of everyone else's. Unless the suit is going to help you assemble bikes, try to avoid them!

On the other hand, we all need to speak up, or the lawyers and politicians will decide it all their way: big expensive carrots that suck oil and make us work harder (and take corporate welfare bailout funds to break even)- Mandantory classes and special endorsements for motorcyclists and scooters- and never hold off on the insurance! USA Today had an article last month aboiut our suit legislators big push to clamp down on scooters- What's next? Bicycles even?

So be vocal about your belief in this inexpensive and economical transportation.

Corporate interests now control even more of the landscape out there, especially after this "mortgage meltdown"so rents are high-

a guy with some spare garage space and know-how that can invest a couple of grand may make more money than someone opening a separate store- I thought about some piece-meal even out of my apartment- but I don't know the market. New 50 cc scooters are starting about 700- 800. So I think there is a undercut margin in motorized bicycles.

Beyond what interefence the authorities may decide, I think the biggest challenge may be to get the word out there- ADVERTISING

I thought I'd print some flyers on the old PC, and maybe a small running ad in a local penny sheet or paper-

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