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Default Re: Motor Refuses to start

I agree with Deacan, All is good with clutch and you are getting off track. Please make sure you don't get dirt inside the cylinder with your "cover",as you called it (Head) off.
You said at the beginning of this thread that the bike was running until you changed the sparkplug. Lets start all over again. Inside the CDI.(little black box) there is what looks like a nail or screw.....that is what your sparkplug wire screws onto. Hold the box with one hand and with your other hand, unscrew your plarkplug wire from the box. Don't be afraid, just turn the wire to the left and pull at the same time. Now get a pair of side cutters or snips and cut off a half an inch from the end of the wire.
You should now see a nice clean wire in the centre. As you screw the wire back in place (onto the CDI) ,try to picture that nail/screw poking into your sparkplug wire and making contact with the centre of your sparkplug wire as you turn right and push inward.
Now do the same with the other end..(sparkplug end). It also has what looks like a nail or screw sticking out.
Having done this, we hope that you have a good electrical connection going from your black box to your sparkplug.
Now put your head..(your "cover", as you called it ) back on the engine and remember to tighten the four nuts in an X in...Tighten the 10 o'clock nut, then the 4 o'clock nut, then the 2 followed by the 8. Do this at least three times as you are trying to tighten the head down evenly without warping the head. I hope you were able to follow
Now see if you are getting a spark....if not, we are back to seeing if your KEY is broke and as you were told earlier, you will have to remove that nut and look to see if the slots are both in line. When a Key is installed half of the key slides into each that there is only one way for the two parts to be put back together.
Sorry if any of this was hard to grasp, but it's hard to tell a person what to do in words.
The sad part is that if the moter was in front of most of the members here, we would have it running or at least be able to tell you what your problem was, in 15 minutes
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