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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

The more I think about it the more I figure the young guys here in their 20's could
just sell their service and knowledge of these motors and make a little money doing installations
& maintenance on peoples bikes. Where i live we call it a "Shade Tree Mechanic" business but most
"established" businesses will call it being a "Fly By Night" operation. But if you're a young guy
and have some of the special tools for working on these HT's and have learned most of the
common problems these motors have you could probably do this. Even helping your customer
buy their kit from a good seller who offers some warrenty is a service of value to them.

I'd suggest these policies: 1) only working with customers who started with YOU, from you
helping them get their warrented kit from a quality seller. 2)If they have motor problems later,
avoid doing extensive motor or overhauls by telling them it's cheaper for them to just buy a replacement motor that you can install quickly for them. (it's easier money with less headaches
for you) 3) Ride your motorbike a lot so people will come to believe it is a dependable proposition
and may consider hiring your service. 4) Consider keeping a few spare parts, the CDI box, fuel
tank, muffler, sprockets in different sizes, chain, a throttle grip with kill switch, spark plugs, etc
would be worth keeping to sell for a flat fee that includes your installing it. Your following will
realize your value to them (and you'll be able to make money on this) when you can quickly get
them back on the road and saving gas money.

Of course if I knew at 18 what I know today about promoting a shade tree "nich" business
I'd have made so much more money. But working out of your hat and living hand to mouth
is fine when you're a kid with little more than kid ambitions.

Even Andy Granatelli, who made STP famous, started out doing simple mechanical services
as a boy for whatever people would pay him.
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