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Default Re: Honda GXH50 Throttle setup

A throttle and a choke do not equal a governor. A choke is a choke and a throttle that is connected to the butterfly directly is not a governor. That being said, some older vehicles (going way back) may have had governors, but it would have been because some had PTOs. I have seen older trucks with this feature. The governor holds RPM steady, not for driving, but for stationary use. To bring it forward to today, a rev limiter is not a governor either.

If you want to use a governor, fine, but it seems odd to me to hold the throttle handle steady and let the engine throttle itself up and down hills. Modern cars and motorcycles do not do that (barring cruise control, which is a different animal altogether)...but hey, you want it- use it. There's no "right" and "wrong" about the choice.
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