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Default Re: The Land of Entrapment

Originally Posted by Cabinfever1977 View Post
welcome to the forum. i have the 48cc dualstart starfire gt-2 grubee from gasbike . net
and i am happy with the motor,it runs good and strong. its funny that you mentioned what bike you have. i have a roadmaster sx sport 18-speed mountainbike. i got it used for $20. it was a very tight fit. i was going to put it on a 20" electric bike but it wouldnt fit so i had to find anything i could find,which was the roadmaster,i wish i found a diffrent bike with my dualstart i had to change my peddals with short crank peddals from a columbia exercise bike which took me a while to hunt down. i have my gastank on a rear rack and a hose that goes from my carb to a airbox with filter. i dont use my bike gears(just one) or the rear brakes.
on the roadmaster the wheels are hard to align straight plus no locking slots on front.
i too might shorten my bike chain and take off the gear changer so i can straighten my back wheel. to align my front wheel i'll have to do it by guessing.
now that i look at it, it is an 18 speed. I coulda sworn it was a 10...oh well...anyway, can you send a pic of yours? I would like to get an idea of the size and fit of the motor. If all else fails, I have my sister-in-laws bike here i can prolly talk her out of. it's a panasonic mc 4500 and it has alot more clearance than my roadmaster, plus the bottom bar is smaller and round like a tube where as my roadmaster is more like a flattened bar, much wider.
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