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Default Re: My Schwinn Legacy

Hey Guys,

I've had a lot of emails and phone calls regarding the engine mount. I am going to be producing them. I need to do a little homework in order to offer the most versatility possible. If you saw the photos in the Jag kit thread, you probably noticed that the mount I sent to motorized bicycle had a one-piece plate. It was formed for the Jag frame.

Notice in the photos on this thread, the plate is in 2 pieces, with carriage bolts that clamp them together. The 2 piece plate adds a dimension of versatility. The Jag has a 1.515" diameter front tube, the legacy has a 1.670" diameter front tube. I had to make a new clamp front clamp for the Legacy mount. I'm going to think about this for awhile and see if I can come up with a practical way to make universal clamps. There are many ways to do it. Keeping the cost down will be the trick!

This week I am wrapping up a 100 count batch of sprocket adapters & sprockets.

Friday/Saturday and into next week I will be making engines.

Floridaboy, and motorized bicycle monkey will be testing the engine mounts for a few weeks, and then I'll make up a batch in the CNC.

Fin, I think it is 1.508". You'll really need to measure it to guarantee success.

I've got a 24" vernier caliper here at the shop. Since it's large I can easily get some photos. I'll try to put up a "How to" this evening.

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