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Default Re: can anyone make a living with this hobby?

Hi Guys,

Have been considering the sale of Website & Business to a US buyer. Have posted it here as I'd like the buyer to be someone who has knowledge of this business and can be trusted with the name we have strived to build. My reason for considering the sale, is quite frankly due to geographics. Its plain that despite our efforts and success to date in the UK, the business has far more growth potential in the US.

Asking price of $6000 has been calculated on 30% of total income generated to date. This would include the whole shebang, customer database, domains, hosting etc etc.

Here are the stats of the website to date since its inception in August 2008

* 15,637

* 73,349
Page Views

* 4.69

* 33.14%
Bounce Rate

* 00:03:36
Avg. Time on Site

* 72.95%
% New Visits

Will disclose financials etc under confidentialilty with serious buyers. Have already consulted our domain and host provider and they have said its simply a case of informing them of the buyers details and they'll switch everything over.

Please contact if interested. Offers welcome (reasonable ones)

Hopefully Cruiser will consent to switching the forum tag too.
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