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Default Re: Honda GXH50 Throttle setup

Originally Posted by HoughMade View Post
A governor is designed to keep engine RPM constant regardless of load. Why would i want that on a motorized bicycle? Cars and motorcycles do not have them. In my opinion, when using a throttle for speed control, direct control is more immediate (no waiting to speed up and slow down) and safer because when I let go of the throttle, it snaps back to idle immediately.

As for stalling...I can control the throttle to prevent stalling as well as any linkage.

For many applications, a governor is great- pumps, generators, other industrial equipment that requires constant rpm under varying load...but a motorized bike is not one of those applications.

As for your wheelbarrow, interesting project. I'm sure Honda must have made a cable control that can be fitted to the [B]standard governor handle. In fact, all you need is a bracket to hold the cable sheath and a hole in the stock handle to mount a throttle barrel screw in.

Good luck.
Actually not quite right. Cars and trucks up into the 40s had both a throttle and a manual choke.

The problem with the throttle was it was direct to the carb. and fixed. Used very often by the driver then as a manual cruse control. Automatic chokes were developed and eliminated the need for a manual one. I can recall seeing both on cars and trucks that my dad owned.

My story for using the governor is still that it senses a load change do to a climb or downgrade and adjusts accordingly. The response to the manual throttle is almost instantaneous as the governor can't hold the butterfly open when the spring goes slack and likewise opens the butterfly until the engine speed comes up to close the butterfly to maintain the new speed.

That is my story and I am sticking to it, so stick it in your pipe and smoke it. 80) =

Easy does it, but do it!
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