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Originally Posted by deacon View Post
Does the tread on the tire effect the speed of the bike. I have a reason for asking when I broke the spokes I was running a sorta smooth thread. When I changed out the wheel it had a knobby mountain bike kind of tire so I didn't bother to change it. It seems to have cut my speed by about twenty percent. but i don't know if it is the tread or the wheel is less worn than the old one.
Yes quite a bit. the smoother and thinner the faster it will go. its less friction because its less contact with the road. also the larger the rim the faster and the smaller the slower, ask deacon.

nothing to do with your question really but interestingly enough, recently alot of people here where I live started riding bicycles, when they first started I remembered seeing 99% riding with mountain bikes with "suspensions". now about a year later a bit more than half of these same folks I see commute, are using road bikes or smoother thiner tires on their mountain bikes.

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