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Default The Land of Entrapment

Hello all,

I hail from Albuquerque, NM. The beautiful land of entrapment...err...enchantment. I have never built one before, but am looking forward to this. In fact I am really excited about building a motor bike. Donor bike is a 26" Roadmaster MTN SPRT SX (10 speed) that I bought 2 years ago, and subsequently trashed. The gear selecter is/was twist on handlebar grip. It no longer selects, it kinda just spins. Anyway, rather than fixing it, I am just going to replace the sprockets on the bike and shorten the chain (turn it into a single speed). Also, I need a new wheel, rear wheel is pretty much destroyed. Of course I need new tires, and new brakes but that is standard. I figured if I was gonna do all this work, then I might as well install a motor. I found a Grubee Starfire gt-2 48 cc from gasbike . net. I haven't bought it yet, so if anyone has a similar motor kit in mind, let me know, lol. Just keep in mind I have to keep it under 50 cc.
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