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Default Re: Honda GXH50 Throttle setup

A governor is designed to keep engine RPM constant regardless of load. Why would i want that on a motorized bicycle? Cars and motorcycles do not have them. In my opinion, when using a throttle for speed control, direct control is more immediate (no waiting to speed up and slow down) and safer because when I let go of the throttle, it snaps back to idle immediately.

As for stalling...I can control the throttle to prevent stalling as well as any linkage.

For many applications, a governor is great- pumps, generators, other industrial equipment that requires constant rpm under varying load...but a motorized bike is not one of those applications.

As for your wheelbarrow, interesting project. I'm sure Honda must have made a cable control that can be fitted to the standard governor handle. In fact, all you need is a bracket to hold the cable sheath and a hole in the stock handle to mount a throttle barrel screw in.

Good luck.
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