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Default Re: Starting my own business


Ahhh yes the lure of easy money!

I can certainly understand the Maverick path to self employment. The "let's wait and see what happens" before getting involved with legal/tax issues approach is as common as doing it the right way from the onset.

The problem with this plan is that things CAN spiral out of control quickly. Motorized bikes are becomming very popular. It would be very easy for a first time entrepreneur to get caught up in a quick success scenario. Legal help is important when considering the sale of completed bikes. Without this in place; it's like wishing you had bought a fire extinguiser as you watch the fire destroy everything you've got. If you do decide to wing it and hope for the sure to take your first profits and get things set up right ASAP.


$600-$650 is a price point where most people see the value and will purchase a ready made bike with an engine. There's a guy a few towns north of here who is selling 5-6 bikes per week. MB's are getting popular in FL. At this price point you really don't need to scrounge for the cheapest kit. In quantities of 10 the most you'll save is $20-$30 per kit...and this will be with zero warranty. I would buy kits from a reputable dealer, and when ready to buy in lots of 10-20 ask for a shipping maybe. I would not throw away the value of a real warranty just to save a few'll be sorry. If you are financially prepared to buy in volume...350 units is a good starting point. At 350 you can expect to pay about half of typical retail...$60-$70 per unit. At 350 units, you become a dealer. The dealers put warranties on thier kits, not the Chinese factories. So...once you become a dealer, you're back to the warranty problem again. If you get a bad batch, it's yours.

Good luck with your venture...done right, I think a guy could squeeze out a modest living in about 90 days, especially here in Florida where the weather is good year round.

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