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Default Re: Starting my own business

First, I'd suggest you get in touch with the American-Chinese Chamber of Commerce/Small
Business Assistance division and tell them about what your wanting do as a reseller here in
the USA. They can provide you with contacts, shipping and logistics. It will be your
task to figure out how many motor kits you can buy at a time and afford all the other
cost of getting them to your garage where you can resell them outright or install them on
bikes ready to ride.


Second, you need to reatin a lawyer which may cost a few hundred dollars for unearned service
so that if you need legal counsel you'll have it. This will include the two of you getting you set
up as a licensed business etc all clear to go.

Third you'll need a small biz accountant to prep your taxes etc each quarter. Depending on how
able you are with computer programs like "Quick Books" and "MS Excell" to do your own weekly
bookkeeping etc will determine how much of the accountant's services you'll need and the total

As a single proprietor you're a "one man band" where you'll be selling, installing, tending to
problems that arise when customers return with a problem etc. And of course you'll be
taking care of your business records. This if you aren't running an online store/eBay where you
are selling and shipping on UPS etc.

If you try to hire people to work for you, then you get into a whole other set of parameters with
insurance, workmans compensation, and the like. But as a small one guy business you may be
better served working at your own pace. If people want to buy a motor kit, then you'll have to
figure how you'll stand behind these kits. Again your lawyer will know what your state would
require with the sale of a "new" product. We've kicked the subject around here in the past
as to whether anyone could make a living at this and what niche would be the best end of
business to be in.

But the secret to any businessmans success in the USA is having a good lawyer & accountant
behind him. Fortunately there are plenty of these people around. You may want to contact
your own local chamber of commerce about getting set up in business. Some towns have
a senior business council of retired business people who help young beginners with advice for

You will want to discuss setting up legal policies with your lawyer that will help cover you
in the instances of failed motors etc and warrenty on them. Also your lawyer will know if your
state requires any support for the products you sell with a parts inventory. But being able to
start with all the legal bases covered may help keep this from turning out to be a nightmare.
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