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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

Review of USABikeMotors, Star-Fire Motors and Parts

Product: "GEN II 50cc Standard (StarFire)" Price was reasonable, has new way of attaching clutch, hole in block which can bite you if you don't get the cable fully inserted because you can't see it nice adjustment on the cable is great. Bigger 2.5L gas tank. Carb attaches directly, no intake manifold, taking it off is a pain. Wider mounting made it easy to install on bike. Plate on engine says 50cc which in AZ is a bad idea.
Customer Service: I had no issues.
Technical Service: I asked questions and got answers. The instructions dreck, hidden under styrofoam packing. I think they would be best served to put the instructions on their website for download
Ordering/Shipping: Simple easy, fast. I ordered it Friday afternoon and Joel must have put it in a rocket it landed here Saturday afternoon used USPS, Packaging was very good.
Website: eCommerce type site, (Zen, and it does have a zen feel)
Overall: It worked for me. I would like to see more gear, like the automatic clutch engine. Living in AZ and buying in AZ has a downside, TAX, but such is life.

Note: The Catalytic muffler fell apart, person riding bike did not pick up the pieces so I had to swap in a different muffler (no fault of USABikeMotors) I built this bike for a guy that had his stolen so I don't know what kind of break in it is going to get.
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