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Default Hi! from Lakeside,Muskegon, MI

Though I've had a computer for the last five+ years, I am still not very good at useing it. It's taken me awile to find where to introduce myself on this site. That's how bad it is!
Fortunetly, I am much better with machanical things. I really like these two stroke motor kits and have built three of them and still have all three, though one is going to find a new home do to lack of storage space. I have allready found much usefull info in this forum and maybe can share experance with other easyriders that may know computers to some cubed power more than I but may have less experance with motorised things. There can hardly be a simpler, more serviceable, more economical form of transportation on the planet. With a motor that is... And, they are alot of fun!
Is there a gallery here where I can see pics of your bikes? Can't find such. If there is, maybe some day I could figure out how to post pics of mine.
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