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Default Re: removing and adding chain links on motorized bicycle chain

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
Yeah - this is the thread I was looking for last night!! Nice little breaker. What kind/style of breaker are the others talking about that keeps, well, er breaking?

EDIT: So when you reassemble the chain, without a masterlink, what do you use to round over the pin that you just put in?
This thread stopped just where I was hoping to get an answer to Pablos question. So what is the best way to put the chain back together when it is on the bike? I've alway been good at taking things apart

My chain is toast. New chain with master link, got ate too. Derailleur does not like master links. Running SBP shift kit and a Bell "Speedy Chain" til I think of something. Think I will visit the bike shop tomorrow and see what alternatives there are. I have a heavy duty chain but derailleur doesn't like it either, too wide overall.
Map your motorized bikes location on a Frappr Map show us where you are and post a pic of your bike.

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