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Well I've got the 5 main mounts brazed on...they didn't turn out so bad I guess considering I suck with a torch and cut the strips with a pair of surplus store snips Still need a few more mounting points but I'm holding off on them for the night as I want to put the motor back in and double check my mounting locations on the seat tube and down near the bottom bracket.

The picture shows the left side panel template roughly in the position I have in mind Tom. For the top I'm undecided if I should make it square or form it with a heat gun over a 2" pipe so as to have a nice radius. I would have liked to make the whole thing a one piece unit but I was not certain I could form it properly and didn't want to risk ruining 60 bucks worth of 3 pieces it is. On the front I'm thinking a small bit of lexan wrapping around the head tube will do the trick and look proper. The lower area along the length of the down tube and up the back side of the seat tube will be left open...this should give me enough airflow to keep things cool.

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