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Default Re: I love my MB, but after seeing this I wonder how they do it.


They remind me of the pocket bikes that were so popular a few years back. The pocket bikes were really popular here in Florida.

I remember thinking the same can they do it do cheap? I went to several of the local stores to have a look, and couldn't believe the price, $300-$600 depending on the model. Most of the dealers, here in the tampa bay area, had the choppers in addition to the mini Cafe racers.

It wasn't long before they were made illegal to ride on the streets.

For now: the engine powered bicycles enjoy, legality-wise, a gray area in many parts of the country. Here in the Tampa bay area; engine powered bicycles are not considered motor vehicles and are allowed on the streets, as where the mini choppers would certainly be frowned upon just as they were a few years ago.


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