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Default Re: Motor Refuses to start

Originally Posted by Norman View Post
That thing is part of the clutch if it looked like a little rod there will also be a ball coming out if you keep poking aroung in there. Don't loose those or it will not work. That cover is not the covers we wanted you to take off in the first place its the cover that has the wiring going into it. You will also need to take off the clutch cover to jam the gears so you can unscrew the nut on the mag side so you can see if these key ways line up ot not.
Do you understand?
No I don't. You told me to take off the clutch cover. As far as I can tell I have done this. What side of the motor would I be taking this cover off ? I have the side where wire's come out and then the side opposite to the chain/wire side.
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