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Default I love my motorized bicycle, but after seeing this I wonder how they do it.

So I was searching around for gas tanks my beach cruiser and stumbled on this site. Well anyway most of the tanks I see are $100+, I'll have too look locally. But some of these bikes have them. I have been wanting to add disc brakes to my cruiser and determined it might just be cheaper to buy a cheap mtn. bike. I'm looking at $300-400 to get disc brakes on my cruiser "new rims/spokes, forks, disc brakes and either have some one weld on a bracket or buy a kit".

But like I said I stumbled on to this site that sells scooter type choppers for around $400, disc brakes 4.5hp motors etc. I'm wondering how the heck they do it? I have to say if I didn't live in california where I know there is no way they can be made legal, I would likely get one. I'm certain I wouldn't give up my motorized bicycle, but I think it would just be a tinkering project instead of transportation.

Here's the site

Choppers - Mini Choppers Mega Sale Plus Free Shipping 4 Limited Time.

Bike I was looking at.

49cc 2 Stroke Mini Chopper On Sale. Mini Choppers -

I love cali, but I wish it wasn't so strict on these kind of things. It baffles me how they can sell them so cheap, basically cheaper then me adding disc brakes to my ride and a new tank.
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