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Default many problems i think

so i have had this bike for a bit
1 it started to make a poping misfiring sound i thought it was my mixture so i added a bit more gas to the mix worked
2 after a day it started acting up agin but instead was making a drowry moan like it was flooding ? or not geting gas so i blew out the carb and it started to work agin for like 15 minits
3 now all try and start it and the motor will kick in but just on an adile if i pull the cluch to get to a idling stand point the engine stops instantly and if i fiddle a little bit i can get the motor to work for 5 minits around the block but its making poping backfiring sounds the whole time and it wont go to fast till it finaly cuts out agin

trew all this i have had the spark plug looked at "not replaced"
i have replaced a fuel line tho with i have opened the "crank case"?? so maby thats were an air leech
is so if some 1 wants to help me with this tell me what to do all go do it and tell you what happened i figger i would stop screwing with it befor it reely breaks

Help i have a few DUI's and its the only thing the courts will let me drive
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