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Default Re: An install Kit for the Schwinn Jaguar

MB WARS Episode II The Head Bolts Strike Back

I've unpacked a few things and got out my Sick Bike Parts 49cc Head Gasket and the ThatsDax
F50 49cc motor. Before i can start to assemble the motor into the mount I had decided on this build to change the head gasket to a better one. I ordered te head gasket on Sunday afternoon online with paypal and the parts showed up on wed here in Las Vegas.

I broke out my brand new $24.00 USD 1/4" rachet set and grabbed a deep welled 10mm socket and the ratchet. Cracked loose all four of the head bolts then turned them off with the included driver. I collected a nut a lock washer and a flat washer off of each stud and set
them aside. Next i removed the head plate to reveal the piston chamber and the stock gasket.

Upon trying to remove the stock gasket it bent making it unusable. I picked up the SBP
gasket and felt how much better quality it was it slid right onto the head bolts making a
great gasket seal. I inspected the piston and the chamber and found it looking great. I placed the head back onto the bolts and made sure the Jugg was tight and then reassembled by
putting a flat washer then a lock washer then the nut on each stud. When reaching the last
stud it was mangled the threads were not straight but after some work it got the nut on straight and continued. I tightened the nuts down by hand until snug then put the ratch on
each one in a star patterned until tight.

Next I installed the Upgraded air intake. Wow what can i say about a perfectly machined
piece. The stock gasket is not ported to match it as i am building stock plus the kit but
its a great piece. Short and straight on a 2 stroke is a great combination for torque. I
took out the intake from the package and removed the stock intake and bolts by removing the
outer nuts 1 on each side and a lock washer from each side. Then i used the small pliers to
take out the stock mounting studs. Next i held the new intake in place and put in the included mounting Allen heads. one side would not go in properly as my motor has a short thread set so i added the lock washers back on and it fit and tightened directly to the motor no air leak there guaranteed.

Finally i put the clutch kit on wow very easy to install. It was a bit confusing and as this was a prototype i got a bit lost but a quick call to the Manic Mechanic Jim and i was all straight. I removed the 3 bolts holding the stock clutch actuator on and set it aside it will no longer be used. Next i checked the movement of the new clutch arm and it needed a longer pin so i pulled the stock one out with a small pair of pliers and inserted one of the included longer pins. I then inserted the new Allen head bolts included in the kit back into the new housing and tightened them in snug to the case. Then i replaced the stock clutch cable guide with the included stubby version to clear the carb to get mounted later.

Now as a last step i removed the stock motor mount studs from the front and back by running a second nut on top of the first then removing the whole stud from the engine case. The motor is ready for mounting so this concludes this episode.

Tune in to Episode III Same monkey time same monkey thread!
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