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Default Re: Ontario Bike Engine Owners

In that article the ministry spokesperson say's "the ministry is reviewing the rules" then on the MTO website they go on about how the scooter and moped style e bikes were not part of the plan the ministry originally had in mind. The uncertainty about how the rules for e bikes will eventually pan out in Ontario is one reason why I don't want anything to do with one and even in the end unless the ministry includes DIY e bikes in the rules I still don't want one. I'm old enough to remember how moped users got screwed over back in the 70's when the MTO change all the rules...Canadian Tire was selling mopeds back then just like they are selling e bikes now.

You know what really gets me going...

In Ontario if you take a moped with it's engine disabled or missing and ride it down the road under pedal power your still considered to be riding a moped for which a proper DL, registration and insurance is required. So obviously you can't turn a moped into a bicycle but yet some of the powers that be in Ontario say you turn a bicycle into a moped when you install an engine kit? Little bit of a double standard happening there I think but regardless if such is the case you would think that they would make what's available for mopeds available for bicycle users too and if they don't want to then just leave us alone. I'm also of the opinion that the Ontario government has made life for moped users downright dangerous! I mean when you look at the rules for mopeds the ministry is expecting people to use them like motorcycles and mopeds are NOT motorcycles by any stretch. They are not as fast, they do not accelerate as quickly, they are not as heavy and so on yet they want people to ride them like a motorcycle that can keep up to 60+ km\h traffic? Is this the future that scooter\moped style e bike owners face? The ministry is putting people at risk and possibly even getting them killed with policies that serve nobody but them and the big insurance companies. One other thing is that if you can go to Canadian tire and buy an electric bike that can reach speeds of 32 km\h and ride it without needing to register or buy insurance for it why can't I ride a bicycle powered by a gas engine kit that is configured to go roughly the same speeds as that electric bicycle? What really is the difference in the power sources that they are seeing that I can't see?

I'm obviously ranting...will shut up now
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