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Default Re: Jim's Sprocket Adaptors "Great Value"

Originally Posted by Down_South View Post
No worries Jim. Thanks for making these parts. I'm glad that you offer some high quality parts for these little engines. I wish somebody would make a magneto that would run headlights with a stable voltage and amperage through the entire rpm range of the engine. I don't know, maybe it will happen and maybe not. I'm not an electronics expert but wishful thinking never hurt anybody.
My experience with mag lighting isn't good. Our trail bikes in the 60s and 70s would have a head and tail light and if one burned out or had a vibration failure the other one woud burn out as the voltage went sky hi.

Of course my Honda doesn't have a lighting wire. but I think the solution is the same? The engine needs a voltage generation source and a regulator, plus a battery as both a storage source and help regulate the voltage. I doubt in the case of the Honda that the magnet in the flywheel has enough field on its' outside diameter to mount a lighting coil? Can't speak for the 2 strokes.

It might be possible for someone like Jim to modify flywheels to include one or two magnets in the outer diameter to drive a lighting system?

I have thought for some time about a direct mechanical drive for a generator or alternator. The only rotating face on the Honda is the flywheel as the Grubee transmission takes up the output shaft. Then you are faced with a rotating surface running up to 7500 RPM. Hard to get that down to a usable speed for the electrical system.

I am sure there is someone here that has an original ideal, I feel locked in to my experience and thus no original thinking.

Need a young mind with a free spirit. )

Easy does it, but do it!
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