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Golden Motor is the manufacturer of hub motors found on many of the electric scooters and electric bicycles we can buy here in Canada. Out of curiosity I checked and the motor on my dad's wheelchair is also by Golden motor. When I was thinking of an electric build I was seriously contemplating purchasing a Golden and I was not worried about being scammed as they are a large company that's been around a while. When you pay with paypal I do believe if the shipment does not arrive and the seller can't prove to paypal that they shipped it you will get your money back...well some of it anyway. Also if you pay with a CC via paypal your CC company can also credit your money back too if the shipment does not arrive, I have used that means of funds recovery once and it PO'd paypal in a bad

Here's a video of some Golden Motors in action...

YouTube - Golden Motor Electric Bike Build 48V Test Ride Video

YouTube - 48V Golden Motor mod spinup test
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