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Default Re: Jim's Sprocket Adaptors "Great Value"

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
I have had a few irate emails over the sprocket adapters & Sprockets.

I know...I know, If I can't provide instant shipping based on a custom product I should not be in business. I personnaly think a firing squad is too good for me!

There is a solution to your impatience...SIMPLY ASK FOR A REFUND!!! I don't have a problem refunding your money...It costs me less than talking to you on the phone for 30 minutes about my inadequate business model.

I'm making parts as fast as I can...I can't be bothered with your concerns and advice about how I should model my business the "Walmart way".

I took a machining class at community college. Anyone who has a CNC machine can make some excellent stuff with a low to no margin of error. I haven't received the adapter yet, but I have full confidence that Jim knows what he's doing, especially after seeing the CAD drawings and some first hand experience machining for myself. Just give Jim some time he'll come through. It will take some time to make custom parts. Just remember that any fool can complain, it takes a real man to do something about it. I figure that if my measurement was off by one or two thousandths of an inch well, I can use some tape or sand paper to make up the difference. Hang in there Jim, Don't listen to the uneducated goof-tards. A culture of Instant Gratification leads to lazy unintuitive couch potatoes and reality TV.
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