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If you go look in the back of some of the old Mechanics Illustrated magazines they used
to have plans to convert a Ford auto Air Conditioner compressor to a steam engine.
there were ad's there too for a magazine titled "Live Steam" where steam enthusiast
would design and build all kinds of steam propelled stuff.

Not all steam requires wood or coal or bunker oil nor does it use water.

The inventor "Bill Lear" think 8 track tapes & Lear Jet aircraft tried to pioneer "Flash
Steam" which could be heated with a cylinder of propane gas in seconds. Instead
of water he used a pattened formula of chemicals he dubbed "Learium". He build a
mini bike, a larger car, and a city bus as platforms to demonstrait his system with.
Bill Lear died a few years ago now but the internet holds lots of articles and details
of his project research. I think he originally just heated Freon gas, but the Learium
was the TRICK as within 30 or seconds of igniting the burner you were ready to roll
with a full head of "Flash Steam". (the system was a closed loop where nothing
escaped into the air to polute it)
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