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Default Greetings from San Diego

How's it going everybody?!

My name's Mike and I've finally gotten started on my MB. I'm a 21 year old Harley rider that wants a bit more out of my day to day, so I'm building this to have a nice ride to and from school. I have bicycle building experience, so it's the motorized help that I've joined for.

I've already started work on a bike for my wife, figured I would practice on hers before diving into my own. haha. It's some random beach cruiser that I pulled out of the dumpster. After reading through the forum for a week I purchased the "80"cc Dax kit. Wirewheeling the existing paint off, then assembly.

My questions are mainly for the second bike I plan on building. I'm a speed demon and was wondering what size motor would be best suited for me. Also I like the stretch cruiser look, which bike should I go with? Looking for something that will be strong enough for commute.

Excited to be part of this community,
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