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Default Re: An install Kit for the Schwinn Jaguar

I accept your challenge sir and we shall see who is riding the bus in the end! This concept started last November with the idea that the kit would be ready by Jan 30th. Well a little of this and a little of that and here it finally goes into testing.

I am proud to put this kit thru the test as most of you know I live in the Las Vegas Valley and it is a torture zone for anything motorized. It's dirty and dusty with lots of bike lanes and paths to test on. I have plans to take the bike up to the mountain trails thru the area parks to get some data on hill performance.

I will be making this build without any special tools no shop and in the living room of my 1 bedroom apartment. Just to show it can be done by anyone that can follow directions and a little help from the forum.

My next post will be about the starting point and the parts I have chosen to go with the kit. Be well for now stay tuned same monkey time same monkey thread!
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