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Default Re: HAIL! from California.

OK all done here

yes cruiser you get plenty more speed and it does get you tired specially on the long rides. but I just keep the baffle on now because its noisy (dont want to get these things banned with a bad reputation). well that and I broke one frame It seriously vibrates a lot more, and hitting a pot hole going that fast did my cheap frame in. it broke at the seatstays I might post a picture so you can see. should I post it here or under the removing baffle thread?

nogoodnic: I am gonna have to apologize on that one. I dont have the big roadbike frames anymore. after I broke the cheaper one I just decided to take the kit off the the other nicer one as well. I posted a pic on the tutorial with that bike but unfurtunately it did not have the dropdowns at that point, so it doesnt look so cool. sience then I have put the kits on hybrid frames that have seatstays that go directly into the back of the seat tube like regular bikes, instead of the sides like most roadbikes. still has road bike tires and rims and the speed has not dropped much at all. I will post pictures

deacon: I cant sign your blog like you asked there a while back but I posted because I wanted to let you know that I for one read it and like it. keep it up thanks

ok bye guys
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