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Default An install Kit for the Schwinn Jaguar

Hi Guys,

The prototype installation kit for the Schwinn Jaguar has been shipped to motorized bicycle monkey. This kit will undoubtedly fit on other models, but I have not had time to find out for sure.

He will install it, and test it. There are more components that will be added to the final kit, once any bugs are ironed out in the prototype.

I tested the Clutch actuator kit for a month before I offered it for sale. The Jag kit will go the same route. It may not require as much time, as motorized bicycle rides a lot. I simply do not have the time to test this kit, so motorized bicycle will be your source for all questions about the functionality and quality of the parts during the test phase. If any component proves to be sub-par, it will of course be corrected. Normally I would not consider allowing an outside test of a prototype. I've got to manufacture engines. I'm confident motorized bicycle will do this correctly.

The kit as shipped to motorized bicycle includes: (Photo below)

1) A motor mount set-up that is correct for the Jaguar frame.
2) A Sprocket adapter & 42 tooth sprocket
3) Our clutch actuator kit
4) A copper exhaust gasket
5) Our port matched straight through intake
6) A packet of quality electrical connectors
7) A packet of hardware to mount the CDI (The machine screws supplied with the kit are not long enough...they should also be installed using nylocks).
8) A proper ball bearing chain tensioner with a mount that corrects for the off angle of the chain stay.

The final kit will include:

1) Numerous additional hardware bits for a clean installation.
2) A dual pull/Dual action brake lever
3) 90-120 Durometer Mounts
4) A really good installation manual with numerous tips on tuning.

The kit photos show solid spacers. The 90-120 durometer mounts have yet to arrive...I did not want motorized bicycle to have to wait any longer. As soon as they arrive I will test them here and then ship a set to motorized bicycle for a longevity test.

I tested this with 60 durometer mounts. While perfectly acceptable in general, they are a bit too soft during acceleration. These mounts completely nix the vibrations from the engine and make for a real nice ride.

I have got to get the new engines going...please allow motorized bicycle to test this kit and keep everyone posted. I do not have a final price for this kit. The individual components will be available for purchase separately.

Thanks to all of you for your support of my is truly appreciated.

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