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Default Re: Ontario Bike Engine Owners

Originally Posted by toytime View Post
As soon as you put a gas engine on anything in Ontario, it's a 'motorized vehicle'. There are no grey areas.

Yes the Ontario HTA pretty much has everything covered with this line...

"and any other vehicle propelled or driven otherwise than by muscular power"

Where the confusion starts for everyone concerned is that if a bicycle, fitted with a motor of any kind, is technically still a bicycle which cannot be registered with the MTO what do you do? Even with the pilot project e bikes cannot be registered because the MTO says "For the duration of the pilot, electric bicycles will be treated as bicycles". So if you cannot register a powered bicycle of any kind with the MTO, buy insurance etc etc what repercussions do we face for using one? I called a couple lawyers a while back and they said it's highly unlikely any charges would get far given that registration, insurance and all that other good stuff is not readily available for a powered bicycle.
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