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Default Re: Motor Squealing

All of my bikes are cheap junk and they are out if the city dump.No Kidding.Well the black bike is for sure and my blue bike which used to be my sons was almost thrown in the dumpster by me then I decided to fix it up then I thought it needs and engine. Well everything went to **** from there and here I am now doing this stuff trying to keep you guys going.
your rear wheel should work good for getting the sprocket on with less spokes I would think?! You do have the fiber wahers one on the inside of the spokes and one on the outside don't you? You should have the rear sprocket then the fiber washer then spokes then the fiber washer inside the spokes then the 3 simicircle metal rings that the bolts go through. there is pictures on the forum for this as well you will need to look.
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