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Default Re: Motor Squealing

No you can leave the small gear on. The front chain sprocket will have to come off.
Bearings can be bought at a bearing supply house(maybe at tractor supply ) I found a supply house on the net Bailey bearings but you might have to by more than you want to get a good deal and I'm talking around $3.00 for each but you will need to buy 10. But this is a wild guess. your old bearing will have the numbers on their side use that for ordering new ones. Advance auto might be able to get you what you need in bearing I've had them get me bearing before. I didn't bother to write down the numbers when I had it apart and I'd have to look to see if I wrote the numbers on the post as I don't remember.
So far you are the only one who's had bearing trouble that I know of. Did you try and run your chain too tight? I run mine loose. The aluminum can be soldered back together you get the aluminum solder at harbor freight for around $10.00 or more for 2lbs. again that's a guess but I've repaired all kinds of broken aluminum with this stuff you use a propane torch to make the repairs and you have to have a stainless steel wire brush to clean the area to repair and don't let the stainless steel wire brush ever touch any other steel for some reason it will screw up the brush for cleaning aluminum that you intend to solder.
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