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Default Re: Rear drum brake?

Greetings greasywheats and welcome to the forum.

We kick these kinds of questions around here all the time. Some of us think up some
unusual solutions to be sure, but a lot of it's driven by the cost of these things in
these economic times. Also, some of us take great pride in what we can do with our
hands and tools after we've put our minds into it for awhile.

One of our members named Uncle Kudzu saw a way of "converting a rear coaster brake
into a drum brake" on another board and posted it here. Which I thought was quite
noteworthy. I don't know how advanced your skills are or how well provided a shop you
have to work in to attempt this but here is a link to that thread here in the Classic
Instructions board.

Now, we were talking about the Sturmey-Archer front drum brake on another board and of
course the cost of those things. I had this brain storm which again I don't know whether it
interest you or not but it was designed to look Retro-Vintage.

On the General Discussion Boards there was this "SRAM Front Drum Brake Hub" where I devised
an idea to use a rear wheel with coaster brake (perhaps modified like in the link above t make a
roller brake hub) on the front of the bike. Many here have dubbed it the eDJ brake now but
I was wanting to design something that would look like it was from the past. As there was
question as to whether the hand brake lever could generate the mechanical advantage to
get sure braking out of it, I went with a second revision to a small block and tackle and after
Dan suggested using one big pulley I sketched that out. I've even worked with another revision
of it that would have some here slappin their knee laughing, but I haven't published it yet.
See what you think of the original and go to page 3 to see the others in this link.

But yes, we've given a bunch of thought to things. Some of it may even scare you.

For what some of this stuff could cost a man could buy himself a nice regular motorcycle.
That is why we think, imagine, invent, and experiment here the way we do. Hope you find
some ideas you can use here !
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