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Default Re: Motor Squealing

Sounds pretty reasonable. On the clutch side I assume I have to take that small sprocket off to get the larger one off? I removed the pressure plate and the nut on the outside of that bolt and it seems the pad plate is still on there. I still have the small sprocket on.

I will tinker with this some more on friday hopefully and have those bearings out. Any idea of what type of bearings are in there? I work at a bike shop and have access to any sort of bicycle bearings. Or am I going to have to go to a small motor shop (lawnmower place), tractor supply, or a motor cycle (dirt bike) shop?

Is this a pretty common occurrence with these motors? Did something cause these bearings to go bad or are they really that crappy? I also wound up breaking off a piece of the chain cover on the drive side a while back. Chain bunched up and put a nice break in the thinest part. I JB Welded it back into place but I didn't give it enough time to properly cure before putting torque on it. So I almost wonder if my chain being not properly tensioned is putting a force on the rod that is more than designed for?

Thanks guys
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